Happened to pass by HDB Hub yesterday on my way home. it gave me unexpected feelings of hope and despair. okay i shall not mask this. more of despair for the future. I know my relationship isn’t ready for the next step nor am i ready for the next step. I used to think i […]

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Shoes & Random thoughts

Getting stuck in a drain cover might be the most embarrassing for some, but with you, all i felt then was love. You simply laughed and stooped down to help me with my distress. #ModernDayHero #DebateCelebration!! On a random note, i finally understand why i react in the way i do with regards to you. […]

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Dancing my night away

Salsa. In Singapore, it is not a dance that is frequently sought out over the popular picks (k-pop, hip hop etc.). It is also the first dancing experience i have. The fun and exhilaration that comes from it is beyond words can describe. Since young, i have always wanted to be spun and lifted. It […]

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Dreamt of someone old

Ever had those dreams where you dreamt of someone that you have not met in eons? I had a dream like that tonight. A full recap of our friendship. Waking up full of guilt for the callousness which i had treated someone who i knew was just passing by just because i could. Looking back […]

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its been awhile since i’ve written. Took up a few stuff; Salsa & Yoga this time round. I try to keep myself busy and enriched so when we meet/spend time together i have stuff to share with you as well. i guess i cannot fully appreciate that you want your personal time (aside from work) […]

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Days without you I know its weak of me To rely on you I know i got to quit (you) To be independent Yet When i know you are not here My will to do anything disappears just like that As thou i have nothing to look forward to Like a doll with endless days

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