Your promotion Planned for dinner Looking forward to good dinner Met you Met you Choosing dinner Head spins Worried Blank Blank Blank Nauseous Random selection Fast food Guilt Hugs Calms down Thank you for not blaming me and comforting me although i have no idea why i was panicking or what triggered it. This should’ve […]

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From sickness comes revelations. I wanted to take a break for the both of us. I’ve had some doubts about the part where we were not dating, and where he was choosing between other girls and me. In addition to those doubts, the shadows of the past came back to haunt me. Between pondering and […]

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a rebellious princess. This princess, Seina, had everything she wanted like a typical princess. So much that she thought the world was her oyster and fairytales would come true. Seina dated a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing,   (coz she is a bad judge of character) and gave up being […]

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Every relationship starts out smooth and filled with roses. So did mine. Plans talked but unfulfilled and empty promises. I know you say you are different. But, so am i from then. When you met me, i was this little bubbling full of hope child. Now, i’m freckled with fears and insecurity. You ask me […]

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Lego Bricks

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with lego. Finals has just ended for me. (WOOHOO) It has been a hell of a week. Ok, that is partially true only. This finals marks the pseudo end of Year 1 Semester 2. (I still have clinicals in the coming 6 weeks). I have been studying with a […]

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