Conquering Bukit Batok Nature Reserve and Bukit Timah Hill in a day

I have been meaning to climb up the tallest hill in Singapore for quite a while. So! I have finally done it! Congrats to me.

It started off with a random text and me asking my best friend, J. He happened to be free and we went to explore a small yet famous nature park; Bukit Batok Nature Reserve AKA Xiao Guilin (XGL). What surprised me was the short walk away the quarry was from the entrance! It was only a 400m walk. Can you believe it? What’s more is that the path to XGL is wheelchair friendly and i could see a lot of prams being wheeled into the park to enjoy the beauty mother nature bestowed onto us.

God blessed us with pleasant and windy weather as we combed the nature park seeing quite a bit of floras and faunas. Monkeys, squirrels, monitor lizards, plenty of birds, dragonflies, fishes, guppies and even a huge red ass spider!

After the satisfying view but not satisfying work out, i headed on to Bukit Timah Hill after lunch. I always thought that hills can only be climbed at 5/6 am before the sun is up or it will get too hot. To my pleasant surprise, it was not warm at all although it was after noon thanks to the shady tall trees that sheltered our climb up.

A good thing to note is that you need to be well prepared (lots of water and maybe a snack just in case you get hungry mid climb or decide to explore other routes). I wanted to take another route midway but had to give up that notion as i was running low on water.

Beginning the climb up to Bukit Timah Hill’s summit was arduous. The steepness is no joke. (ok, maybe because i have generally very bad fitness) Imagine climbing a super steep slope and seeing an even steeper flight of steps after the slope. (although it was a short flight of steps but it was demoralising ><)

Well! I persisted and made it. So, if you are hesitating, hesitate no more! If i such a unfit person who can’t even run 1.5km without feeling tired can make it, i believe so can you. The feeling of conquering your insecurities/perceived inabilities is so satisfying that will make the arduous climb up worth it.


Took this pic after making my way down!

IMG_1272After walking down i saw this tiny path that leads to Rail Mall and decided to walk it!

It led me to this quarry (Singapore Quarry) beside Rail Mall that is quite beautiful as well. Although, i prefer the walk to it rather than the actual quarry site.

All in all, i got to know Singapore a tinge better through this trip although i have lived here for all my life. Thankful for this impromptu hiking trip and catch up with my friends.

For all the years i spent waiting, i decided to not wait any longer. For those who are waiting to accommodate whoever, bear in mind that it is not their regret that is building up. It’s yours. If they really mean to go, even the busiest person will make time. Wait no longer. Live for yourself. Time waits for no man.



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