Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a rebellious princess. This princess, Seina, had everything she wanted like a typical princess. So much that she thought the world was her oyster and fairytales would come true.

Seina dated a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing,   (coz she is a bad judge of character) and gave up being a princess to be his cinderella (in rags). 3 years passed and Seina thought that was it! This is prince charming and happily ever after. NOT.

Long story short, “Prince Charming” left with another girl after discovering the sordid pleasures in the shadows.

*This is not a sob story*

Y’know what they say, when one door shuts God will open another for you. Although Seina screwed up everything,  God opened her eyes through this and thou it was a super expensive lesson it was probably a necessary lesson/ trial.

After healing, Seina suddenly realised all along there is this amazing man (Samsonite) who was waiting for her all these while. Touching as it might be, Seina was hesitant. Samsonite did not rush things, waited patiently, and showered concern without expecting any thing in return.

Seina got together with Samsonite and is living happily together at this point of time. Samsonite tamed her, showed her what warmth is and the beauty of the earth again.



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