From sickness comes revelations.

I wanted to take a break for the both of us. I’ve had some doubts about the part where we were not dating, and where he was choosing between other girls and me. In addition to those doubts, the shadows of the past came back to haunt me.

Between pondering and finding the courage to do such a hurtful thing, he fell sick. A full blown fever of 38.5. Lying beside him and looking after him made me realise I don’t want to lose him. I weighed the importance and chose to let it go thou it bothers me.

Even when he is sick, he realised that i’m troubled. Between drowsiness and shivering, he embraces me and tries to calm me down. I couldn’t sleep after realising he was sick and went to cook porridge at 4am. Haha. Even thou it was awful (salt-less) he had no complaints. Sweet much.

I love you.



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