Dreamt of someone old

Ever had those dreams where you dreamt of someone that you have not met in eons? I had a dream like that tonight. A full recap of our friendship. Waking up full of guilt for the callousness which i had treated someone who i knew was just passing by just because i could. Looking back […]

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its been awhile since i’ve written. Took up a few stuff; Salsa & Yoga this time round. I try to keep myself busy and enriched so when we meet/spend time together i have stuff to share with you as well. i guess i cannot fully appreciate that you want your personal time (aside from work) […]

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Days without you I know its weak of me To rely on you I know i got to quit (you) To be independent Yet When i know you are not here My will to do anything disappears just like that As thou i have nothing to look forward to Like a doll with endless days

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Your promotion Planned for dinner Looking forward to good dinner Met you Met you Choosing dinner Head spins Worried Blank Blank Blank Nauseous Random selection Fast food Guilt Hugs Calms down Thank you for not blaming me and comforting me although i have no idea why i was panicking or what triggered it. This should’ve […]

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