Heart aches

Most tiring and heart breaking thing is to be waiting at home for someone. have you ever.. perked your ears every time you hear sound of the door opening in hopes for someone to come home? yet be disappointed time and time again. i have. perhaps i’m so much like a house pet that i […]

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Words unspoken

Hey Baby, today was a tough day for me i wish you could’ve asked perhaps its because we see each other day in day out that we forgot to communicate   a simple how was your day would’ve gotten me to ramble everything out yet it never came   i’m scared i just sold my […]

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So, today i went to church after a long time. The sermon was good. So was worship. Although it was common songs yet it felt so dear. It felt as if God is trying to tell me nothing is impossible, seize the opportunity, and to prophesy as thou it is done and to act on […]

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Birthdays + Christmas

It has been awhile since i wrote anything. My birthday just passed, and i had a customised cake by Cake Avenue! To be honest, the cake was not fantastic and definitely not worth the price. But it is my first custom cake and boy i’m glad it was from you 🙂 My boyfriend if i […]

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I don’t know why but i felt immensely sad that your family asked you to get another girlfriend i guess you should i guess you would if i left such is life maybe i will for your sake

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Today i read AK again after awhile. He really is such an inspiration. I have decided to sign up for dividend machine. To be very frank, i have never really invested and only relied on others to invest. (i am so ashamed of this myself) But at the root of it all, it is really […]

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